Different types of operating systems (OS) on personal computers may work fine with little difference to normal users. However, when website hosting is concerned, the type of OS selected makes a lot of difference. When you are searching for the best hosting provider, you may be deluded by their claims, as it is normal for providers to claim that the platform they use is the best.

To be frank, open source OS like Linux and paid ones such as Windows based Microsoft, are distinct in features. For site designing, those Windows based will be simpler and user-friendly, thus popular among many new users. Its patrons are usually novice designers or programmers who want less work.

In actual fact, open source OS are better compared to Windows based ones. First, they are completely free. Linux, for example, is not designed by resellers, but by users. Linux is a professional OS much complicated than Windows, and there is much more you can do with Linux, such as PHP scripting, MySQL, FTP support and so on. Though a lot of people who are unfamiliar with IT and programming have not heard of Linux, but in fact is the most common hosting OS around, as most sites on the net are Linux based. Comparatively, Linux is also more stable than Windows, as the system could not be taken down as easily. It is also more secure, with better defence than Windows.

Hence, you can now see that open source hosting has a clear advantage compared to Windows.

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