Debian is a Linux-based operating system. Debian is one of the free Linux operating system for use with the GNU license. Debian Linux is independent, the Debian operating system developed pure without basing on the existing operating system. Debian Project grew slowly at first began and released the version 0.9x in 1994 and 1995. Transfers to other than i386 architecture began in 1995. Version 1.x began in 1996.

In 1996, Bruce Perens replaced Ian Murdoch as Project Leader. In the same year Debian developer Ean Schuessler, took the initiative to form the Debian Social Contract and Debian Free Software Guidelines, provide the basic standard of commitment to the development of Debian distribution. He also formed the organization “Software in Public Interest” to make legal Debian legal. In late 2000, the Debian project makes changes in the archive and release management. Later in the same year the developers start the annual conference and workshop “debconf”. Finally on April 8, 2007, Debian GNU / Linux 4.0 released with the code name “Etch”. Released the latest version of Debian, 2009, code-named “Lenny”. Debian has issued nine major stable releases which mean the Red Color is not supported anymore, yellow means still supported, green color means was released today and the blue color is released next.

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