As you might know that Linux users are not as many as Windows. But that does not mean Linux is not growing. The company has just released an official Canonical latest iteration of the popular Ubuntu Linux. Desktop Edition has been waiting for the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has extensive design work, a faster boot speed, integration of social networking, online services and quick access to Ubuntu One Music Store.

OS that redesigned will take the user completely into the world of Ubuntu. Beside, netbook users will also benefit from a netbook version of OS 10.4 (UNE), which rely on the boot that has been optimized for speed on the device-based SSD (solid state disk), an intuitive interface for smaller screens and time suspend / resume more quickly extending the battery life. Additional features available are ‘Me Home’ which is able to consolidate the process of accessing and updating social networking, including, Twitter, Facebook and Digg. Me Menu also integrate chat channels so users can chat with friends or colleagues in some tissues, such as IRC, MSN and Google Talk. Ubuntu One – The integration of the desktop to the online service allows files, folders, bookmarks and contacts are shared or stored with ease. Music Store – Music available directly to users via the Ubuntu default music player. Tracks or albums can be bought, stored or shared (DRM-free) from one location on multiple computers and devices.

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